How to elegantly and simply present large amounts of information 

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The MacArthur Foundation had created a program with such a large population of Member institutions - as well as Affiliates - that their list-based approach to providing overview information was no longer viable.

Previous experience developing Flash applications (for Rand McNally et al) suggested this as an optimal technology for the problem. In addition to user experience/user interface issues, the collection and collating of information was one of the challenges faced, but many iterations through prototypes finally led to the following solution:

The end user is presented with a global map indicating location of Member institutions:

Clicking on the red dot opens a window with overview information for that institution:

Clicking on Partner Organizations (aka Affiliate) shows the MDP Program and its Affiliates positioned on the Map:

Clicking on the dot associated with the Affiliate opens a window with overview information for that Affiliate:

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