Creating a streamlined and inviting web experience for the 40,000 students/year within one of Northwestern University's profit centers.

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Each of the CTD's 8 programs for gifted students had inconsistent site organization, processes and design approach, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction by parents and students and increased overhead and frustration for staff.

This large-scale year-long project began with extensive site analysis, surveys, interviews and GA review. From these I developed a two-fold approach toward site organization: (1) around each of the Programs...


...and (2) around each of the defined constituencies: Students, Parents, Educators and Alumni:


We focused on 2 distinct goals for the users: (1) walking the parents through the process of making a decision (by harvesting a riveting archive of professional photography and pull quotes of testimonials from satisfied alums and parents, and providing a program overview)...


...and, once enrolled, by (2) familiarizing them (and the students) with the particulars and processes within a given program.


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