How to drive business to an obscure but extraordinary lodge in NM? By letting the pictures tell the story... 

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While I played almost every conceivable role on this project - PM, IA, developer, writer, photographer - it was the UX role that was the most exciting. I generally avoid "portfolio" projects or work for friends, but since I've had a love affair with this place for 15+ years, and because there was a tempting challenge (how to turn the business profitable), I took it on.


Once I'd established the organizing principle - that this place truly was "Your own private Yosemite" - then the question became how to convey this to prospective customers? Though the owners fought hard against revealing too much of the place's mystique - wanting to leave this discovery process to the customers - the fact they were running in the red said there needed to be better promotion...and the use of photography to provide an immersive experience was the obvious way to proceed.


So the website does exactly that: letting the pictures seduce the website visitor...

...then answering the obvious questions - What is there to do when I get there? What is nearby? What are the cabins like? - more or less the same way.

Business increased $100K the first year after launch, and has been in the black ever since. 


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