How to quickly, simply and effectively convey a business concept to investors and talk them into becoming an Angel Investor?!

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Cinewav was founded as a video-on-demand startup in late 2013. Once a solid business plan had been created and the financials of the model fine-tuned, the next challenge for the client was to pitch the idea during the "Seed Investment" - aka "Angel Investor" Phase.

There were a few core concepts that needed to get conveyed:
(1) Cinewav was focused neither on the mainstream video market nor on the entire "indie" market, but rather was using the curatorial power of premier film festivals to select only the very best of independent film. After all, a festival like The Berlinale typically receives 6,000 films, yet selects from these only the "best" 300.



(2) Next we needed to walk the investor to the realization of how Cinewav fit into the unique relationship between filmmakers, film festivals and audience/subscribers. For this I developed the concept of a "symbiotic ecosystem," where a mutually beneficial relationship occurs between all 3 participants - facilitated by Cinewav.


(3) Most importantly, the investor needed to be made aware that not only was Cinewav "the next cool thing," but the presentation had to succinctly take them to the realization this was a start-up with enormous growth and profit potential. Taking the financial model as its basis, charts were created showing in a quick, visual method what the growth potential was - in terms of subscriber base and revenue stream...



The project attracted $250K of investment in the first round of candidate investors.




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