Designing a website interlacing with the design aesthetic of a 2-woman architectural firm

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The spare, minimal - yet often sensual - design aesthetic of HB-Architecture, a boutique firm located near the grounds of the Palace of Versailles a short distance out of Paris, called for a similar aesthetic treatment in crafting the website. 


In this instance, the focus needed to be not only on the caliber of work the firm was producing, but also that it was a firm of two women - and that this reality needed to be part of their marketing/branding:


As with any other portfolio website, an enormous amount of work goes into curating what projects - and the associated images of those projects - best represent the work of the firm and also showcase the sort of projects the firm is striving to gain in the future.


Then it's simply a matter of selecting a method - in this instance a clean slideshow style selected from one of dozens of other architectural portfolio sites we explored - and letting the pictures tell the story:


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