Playful. Colorful. And able to speak just as persuasively to parents as to students grade Pre-K thru 12.

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The Center of talent Development required not only a well-organized informational website but one focused on recruiting the very best gifted students from around the world into its 8 separate programs. 


Although the Center is part of the School of Education & Social Policy, it gains its credibility via its primary association with Northwestern University, so branding was emphasized with the latter (the crazy purple!):


A vast archive of photography was created by professional photographers, and these formed the core of the design - set within a framework of colors specific to each program - focused on playfully engaging students, parents and educators.


The interface design was guided by a body of (largely-negative) feedback from the previous design, as well as the desire to get users to the resources they needed as quickly and easily as possible.


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